Welcome to Lakeville Townhomes!

Bought last November, and rechristened the Lakeville Townhomes, these individual and unique apartments are strategically located at the major cross section of town. Our huge 17 acre campus is located at Interstate 49 going North South and Interstate 20 going East West. So wherever you work and play, we’re the most centrally located apartments you can find. And a central location can save you time and gas money, every day you use your car. Don’t like sitting at traffic lights, live at Lakeville and take the highways.

When we acquired the property, we made a commitment to our residents and to the property to restore one of the South’s Historic Garden Apartment complexes to its Glory Days.

Spread out on a beautiful piece of land, with a front yard of your own, each of our townhomes has its own entrance and no upstairs neighbors to disturb you. But it’s still a community, with great neighbors and kids for your kids to play with.

Our large and excellent staff is hard at work improving the property. We’ve got the large swimming pool a sparkling blue. Our crews are working on the landscaping and gardening to beautify the property. We’ve begun replacement of the shutters, and repainting the doors, awnings, and wood trim. Lakeville is still a work in progress. We are trying hard to win your business. Our great location, superior grounds, upgraded units and commitment to continually improve the property, make Lakeville Townhomes worthy of your consideration.

Our property